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In a real world environment, Microsoft Global Security utilizes off-the-shelf MS technologies in its industry-leading Global Security Operations Centers (GSOCs) located in the United States, the United Kingdom and India.


Integrated Security Solution


Implementing and monitoring physical security for an enterprise the size of Microsoft can be cumbersome and expensive; traditional approaches are inefficient and difficult to manage on a global scale.

Microsoft combines its physical security infrastructure with IT practices using off-the-shelf software applications to create a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective security solution that can be managed from anywhere in the world.

Microsoft’s Global Security Operations Centers showcase the "best practice" use of Microsoft products in a real world operational environment; and highlight best-in-class partner products based on Microsoft technologies.

Each GSOC monitors and responds to signal data and event notifications within its own region. Signal data includes intrusion, duress, environment and fire alarm information collected from all of the equipment related to physical security access control and monitoring. The GSOCs also facilitate communications and dispatch on-site security in response to events. 

Our Global Security Operations Centers show firsthand how we leverage the SharePoint Workspace, InfoPath, Lync, and Bing Maps right -off the shelf- in remarkable ways to reduce operational costs and improve customer service worldwide.











Global Reach


The Global Security Operations Centers monitor more than 700 sites worldwide, along with their approximately 183,000 active personnel access accounts, 12,185 access card readers, 13,126 video cameras connected to 934 IP addressable digital video recorders, and 330 fire panels. These sites also include more than 5,000 other devices, including duress alarms, biometric security systems and environmental alarms.




Should any one of the three GSOCs be taken offline due to extenuating circumstances such as a power outage, monitoring loads can be transferred to one of the other GSOCs within minutes.

The monitoring personnel can examine building maps and video on any of the cameras near any reported event. While making an assessment using our GSOC SharePoint site, personnel can send instant messages to dispatchers who then relay instructions to local responders by way of Radio over IP (RoIP).

This allows a local, precise response to an event monitored from the other side of town-or the other side of the globe. 







The GSOC is a central support agency designed to act as a communications hub with all Microsoft assets

worldwide. Our model enables Global Security to  respond quickly to incidents to ensure that Microsoft’s

people, data, and assets are protected.